24 June 2007

Little Miss Personality

Look at me, Look at me! I can stand, I can hold things in my mouth, and I look oh so cool in sunglasses. Mommy and Daddy have gotten pretty good at understanding my grunts. However, they apparently wanted me to learn a new way to communicate. So, Friday I learned my first sign. More. Ha ha, b0y are they going to regret that one later!

17 June 2007

Visitors from Jersey

I love when friends come to visit me. Maura Mazza came with her kids, Frankie and Marianna. We had a great time while our Mommy's talked. (You can meet the Mazza kids by clicking on the link to the right.) Marianna and I were born only 2 weeks apart, and we were due at the same time. We crawled around together, and she loves to stand just like I do. But boy does she have me beat on the whole sleeping thing. She just drank her bottle and fell right asleep (Mommy was jealous). And now that I am pulling myself up, I am pretty curious. I check out everything I can get my hands on.

15 June 2007

9 Months

Well, 9 months have gone by, and it seems like yesterday that I met my Mommy and Daddy for the first time. Man, I thought they were cool then, but now we are like 3 peas in a pod. Daddy plays all kinds of games with me. And Mommy takes me everywhere she goes. I went to the doctor the other day. I showed her my new tooth, and how I can stand all by myself. Then they go to weigh me, and Mommy and Daddy make a wager. Daddy thought I was 17.5, and Mommy said 17.2. Whoever was closest didn't have to make dinner. Mommy won. I am only 16.5.

01 June 2007

Crawl Away

Really, Mommy should try using the video function on the camera ty try and capture my wonderful skills. Speaking of skills, I met a Speech Pathologist the other day at the hair dressers. She saw my tongue sticking out and said that it is a good sign. It says I have strong tongue muscles, which is important for speech development. Gee, what a shock, I am going to be a talk-a-holic. I think we all saw that coming!