27 November 2007

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Just Adorable

What does a Lion say?

I must apologize for my slacker of a Mommy. She keeps giving some lame excuse about not keeping food down and lack of energy or some such nonsense. But, alas, here are the adorable Lion pictures. I learned that, if you are cute, you get more candy. And that walking all over the neighborhood is hard work. Good thing we only went to a few houses. Did you see my buddy Jaylan? He was the coolest firefighter ever (and his Mommy let his wear his costume most of the week!) And boy did Nana think I was cute when I knocked on her door myself!

15 November 2007


So, Mommy is a lazy butt, and hasn't gotten the new pictures loaded. But nieghbor friend Melissa has a cute one of me in my Halloween costume. The stud next to me is Jaylan. He lives next door, and it way cool. Go over to "My Favorite People" and click on McCray.