29 October 2007


I love my apples. And don't you even think about cutting them up for me. I am a big girl, and I eat them whole (of course, I spit the peel out for Aslan to enjoy). But what do I love more than apples? DADDY! I say his name all day long, and I make sure I always give him a kiss and hug before he leaves for the day. Isn't he so handsome?

25 October 2007


So Mommy's been sick a lot recently, and to keep me occupied while she rushes to the bathroom, she bought me this new shirt and these candy bars. She told me that it'll all make sense sometime in June... whatever that means. Mmm... these whatchamacallits are good. Oops I got a little on my new shirt.

23 October 2007

"Puppy! No!"

Ahh, that lovable rascal! Yes, I am talking of the puppy. Daddy says his name is Aslan, but Mommy calls him Aslan-no, so I am not sure what to think. I say "puppy" and then point and say no. I figure that is a happy compromise. I think you'll get a kick out of this movie, I was trying so hard to take a nap with Puppy-no, but he just didn't seem to think it was a great idea. (Turn your volume up and you can hear me say "puppy" at the end)