12 August 2007

In the Deep South

Howdy y'all! We recently took a trip to Arkansas (and Texas) to visit my great grandma, great aunts and uncles, and cousins. I got to do all sorts of things. We went to Hot Springs (nothing seems refreshing about hot baths in hot weather, so we didn't stay long). However, we did go to the top of a mountain where I did my best Marilyn Monroe impression. After that, we went to Little Missouri Falls and played in the waterfalls there.

But the highlight of my trip was staying with Great Grandma. I learned all sorts of words like "ball, ouch, all done," and I even took my first steps!!! Grandma taught me new games like patty-cake (she does it so much better than mommy and daddy) and creepy crawly. I'd sit on her lap and play those games all day if I could.

I even got to play with a little puppy chihuahua. Unlike my huge dog Aslan, this puppy can't knock me over. We almost brought him home, but mommy and daddy said that I'm enough of a hand full; we don't need any more.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for visiting my blog. Y'all come back now... ya hear?