27 November 2007

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Just Adorable

What does a Lion say?

I must apologize for my slacker of a Mommy. She keeps giving some lame excuse about not keeping food down and lack of energy or some such nonsense. But, alas, here are the adorable Lion pictures. I learned that, if you are cute, you get more candy. And that walking all over the neighborhood is hard work. Good thing we only went to a few houses. Did you see my buddy Jaylan? He was the coolest firefighter ever (and his Mommy let his wear his costume most of the week!) And boy did Nana think I was cute when I knocked on her door myself!

15 November 2007


So, Mommy is a lazy butt, and hasn't gotten the new pictures loaded. But nieghbor friend Melissa has a cute one of me in my Halloween costume. The stud next to me is Jaylan. He lives next door, and it way cool. Go over to "My Favorite People" and click on McCray.

29 October 2007


I love my apples. And don't you even think about cutting them up for me. I am a big girl, and I eat them whole (of course, I spit the peel out for Aslan to enjoy). But what do I love more than apples? DADDY! I say his name all day long, and I make sure I always give him a kiss and hug before he leaves for the day. Isn't he so handsome?

25 October 2007


So Mommy's been sick a lot recently, and to keep me occupied while she rushes to the bathroom, she bought me this new shirt and these candy bars. She told me that it'll all make sense sometime in June... whatever that means. Mmm... these whatchamacallits are good. Oops I got a little on my new shirt.

23 October 2007

"Puppy! No!"

Ahh, that lovable rascal! Yes, I am talking of the puppy. Daddy says his name is Aslan, but Mommy calls him Aslan-no, so I am not sure what to think. I say "puppy" and then point and say no. I figure that is a happy compromise. I think you'll get a kick out of this movie, I was trying so hard to take a nap with Puppy-no, but he just didn't seem to think it was a great idea. (Turn your volume up and you can hear me say "puppy" at the end)

26 September 2007

Annalía at the Yard

The smell of Boog's Bar-b-que as the steam arises in front of the warehouse and disappears into the bright lights illuminating the freshly cut patterned grass and chalk lines that mark the base path. Is there any better place than being a part of America's past time at one of the most beautiful parks - Camden Yards?

I was there to see Daniel Cabrera throw a shutout into the 6th inning (it's about time). I was there when foul balls came whizzing by our heads from our great seats behind home plate. I cheered as a train of loyal Baltimore fans marched throughout the stadium pleading with the O's owner (who's done nothing but run the team into the ground) to sell the team to Cal Ripken. I stuffed my face with delicious Boardwalk French fries. I reluctantly met the scary Oriole mascot. And I was there when Nick Markakis hit the game winning homerun (he was due) to give the Orioles a 3-2 win over the Royals.

The enchanted evening at Camden Yards with Daddy, Nana, and Grandpa (mommy was busy working) brought me back to the days of my youth, when at just 10 days old, my parents took me to my first ball game. Ah to be young again.

25 September 2007

I'm Everywhere

So, the older I get, the more I can get around. Basically, Mommy has her hands full. I love to sit on her lap while she works, whether at the computer, or the sewing machine. And I am totally good at climbing. You'd be amazed at what I can climb. Mommy and Daddy were too when they turned around. Of course, sometimes my exploring got me into trouble.

20 September 2007

Wahoo - New Toys!

One cool thing about being around for a year, is that people give you toys just for being born! My Gram and Grandpa sent me a life size CareBear. I give him kisses. And Aunt Angi sent that cool book, I love how the numbers feel like felt. Jaylan gave me a baby in a stroller, which I love to push around. And then there is that cool Animal Magnet thing on the fridge. I love to dance when it says I made a match! Playing is so much fun! And can you tell I love books, the big one is from Beth, (my green tongue is from a sucker, people just give them to you when you are cute like me!)

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yup, One year old, boy how time flies. Mommy is still crashed from the busy week we had. It started with a family dinner at Chuck E. Cheese's for by actual birthday. Let me just say, that is one cool place. I practically had all the games to myself, and between me, Daddy, and Tio PePe, we won enough tickets to get me a cool bowling set. Then came the big party. Daddy dressed me in a cool new outfit with my "Newsies" hat. I had a blast opening all the cool stuff people brought. And the cake! Mommy was inspired by that waterfall picture, and she made a cool waterfall cake. It rocked, and I devoured my piece! Then, after the sugar rush, boy did I crash!

04 September 2007

Day at the Beach

Yup, that's me, that smoking beach beauty. Ocean City is the bomb. Me and my buds, Marianna and Frankie, took our 'rents to the beach this last weekend. I helped Daddy dig a huge hole, then he threw me in it and piled the sand around me. I was chill, didn't even freak out. Even when my face was covered in sand. Mommy just threw me in the ocean and I was magically clean. Then we hit the boardwalk, went on some mega-cool rides. After that we were all pooped, and fell asleep on the walk back to the cars. I can't wait to visit the Mazza's again, they know how to have a good time! I was there for Marianna's birthday party (she is the one sporting the Marilyn Monroe pose), she gave me some good tips for getting through my day. Number one, look awesome. Number 2, make sure you smile for each present, and Number three, eat lots of cake!

12 August 2007

In the Deep South

Howdy y'all! We recently took a trip to Arkansas (and Texas) to visit my great grandma, great aunts and uncles, and cousins. I got to do all sorts of things. We went to Hot Springs (nothing seems refreshing about hot baths in hot weather, so we didn't stay long). However, we did go to the top of a mountain where I did my best Marilyn Monroe impression. After that, we went to Little Missouri Falls and played in the waterfalls there.

But the highlight of my trip was staying with Great Grandma. I learned all sorts of words like "ball, ouch, all done," and I even took my first steps!!! Grandma taught me new games like patty-cake (she does it so much better than mommy and daddy) and creepy crawly. I'd sit on her lap and play those games all day if I could.

I even got to play with a little puppy chihuahua. Unlike my huge dog Aslan, this puppy can't knock me over. We almost brought him home, but mommy and daddy said that I'm enough of a hand full; we don't need any more.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for visiting my blog. Y'all come back now... ya hear?

25 July 2007

Eating Greek Style

Every Monday night I get to stay up and sit in on Young Adult Bible Study. I am learning so much. I learned that back in those days people reclined while eating. I thought that was the best idea, so I have decided to dine that way from now on.

19 July 2007

Smart Angel

Well, Mommy says I am 10, going on 19 months. So close to walking, and I am learning new words every day. So far, I can say Momma, Dadda, Uh-oh, Baby, (which I say all the time, especially when I see babies as we are shopping.) and puppy. I said bib once, but I was just repeating what Mommy said, so she doesn't think it should count. Do you like the dress Aunt Elise sent to me? I finally am fitting into 9 month (carters, that is, they run big). Josiah was trying to keep my happy during worship team practice, so he played fireman, while I was the angel. Who do you think did a better job of saving the kitty from the tree?

Flying high

I was a trooper when it came to flying. My parents are too cheap to go non-stop, so we had a layover in Chicago. So, I entertained everyone in the waiting area by inspecting all the luggage. I had to make sure there was nothing dangerous in their carry-ons. When I was done, I sat with Daddy while he did his work. We worked together.

Cool Cousins

And I had a ton of fun hanging out with my cousins. They are so cool. Abrielle is the blond. Kylie is the one on her arms. Josiah, well, can you guess which one is the crazy boy of the family? And Elyssa is the one closest to my age. She is 1, and boy was it hard keeping my mommy's attention with that cutie around. I can't wait to see them again!