30 March 2007

Aww, Daddy!

Well, here it is, the dreaded bath photo! I can just see this one coming out in about 16 years.

29 March 2007

Child labor

Mommy says all of the magazines say kids should have chores, but I think she is taking it too far. I do more than she does around here. I helped her rake leaves, organize her office, plant herbs, and wash her car. Then, daddy came home and made me help HIM wash his car. Well, I rebelled a little and just fell asleep on him. I was so exhausted, I didn't even wake up when Mommy took me out of the Snugglie and put me in my crib. But don't worry, even though I work a lot outside, Mommy always makes sure I am protected. Hat and sunglasses!

27 March 2007


I have decided to take it upon myself to update my blog. Mommy has been a little busy. (She is taking a nap right now, I guess I wear her out.) I just can't help it, I love to move and it is tough for me to just sit on the floor and watch Mommy have all the fun going all over the house. So, I ask her to take me with her. And boy is it great, I see everything, help her with all the chores, and keep her entertained. Yesterday she took me to Ikea, and I got to ride in the cart. That was a blast!

21 March 2007

Gene Simmons

I don't know who it is, but apparently people think I have a Gene Simmons quality about me. All I know, is that I love my tongue. It can do so many things! It is my way of saying hi to people. I give Mommy and Daddy big, wet kisses. And boy does it do a good job of tasting. And it tastes everything! Food, blankets, clothes, Aslan. Mommy thinks my tongue looks like Daddy's. And just like Grandpa when he was a boy, I stick it out when I am doing something.

20 March 2007

Big Sister

Sometimes Mommy gets sad that I don't get to grow up around my cool Cousins. Kylie would teach me how to read, Abrielle would share her pretty dresses with me, Josiah would beat up on me like all good siblings do, and Elyssa would be my partner in crime. Unfortunately they live in Minnesota. But Katherine lives near me, and she loves to make me laugh. We go to Katherine's house a lot, and Mommy helps her with her homework. I help her practice concentration by being a cute distraction! She hurries up to get done so that we can play together. We always have a blast.

15 March 2007

6 Months

Boy is Mommy in trouble. I can't even crawl yet and I am already into everything. She makes me wait in my chair while she takes a shower. I dropped my toy, but there was this bright thing hanging on the wall beside me, so I just helped myself. It had a way cool texture!

I also had my 6 month check-up. Boy was Dr. Vickers impressed with all I can do right now. And Mommy was surprised that I only weigh 14 pounds. Dr. Vickers said I was a "petite little girl". What a surprise!

08 March 2007

Mmm. . . Toes

Oh yeah, they are tasty. You should try it sometime. Of course, you have to be as wonderfully limber as I am. Notice the diaper in the second picture. Silly Mommy. She was so excited to show Daddy my new trick that she forgot that I can't hold it that long. Needless to say, her green shirt got a little wet!

07 March 2007

$$Bling Bling$$

Yo peeps, this is A-to-the-N-Nalía Super Thug Mighty Fly Sweetness checkin' it to you. Just wanted to show you the latest pics from my crib. Turns out mom got my social security digits, so we can add my cute, little hiney onto the tax refund, and big papa finally sold his trippin' rice burner. Guess what that means... yeah you know it. Check out me with the dough and my pimped out hat from the hood.