25 July 2007

Eating Greek Style

Every Monday night I get to stay up and sit in on Young Adult Bible Study. I am learning so much. I learned that back in those days people reclined while eating. I thought that was the best idea, so I have decided to dine that way from now on.

19 July 2007

Smart Angel

Well, Mommy says I am 10, going on 19 months. So close to walking, and I am learning new words every day. So far, I can say Momma, Dadda, Uh-oh, Baby, (which I say all the time, especially when I see babies as we are shopping.) and puppy. I said bib once, but I was just repeating what Mommy said, so she doesn't think it should count. Do you like the dress Aunt Elise sent to me? I finally am fitting into 9 month (carters, that is, they run big). Josiah was trying to keep my happy during worship team practice, so he played fireman, while I was the angel. Who do you think did a better job of saving the kitty from the tree?

Flying high

I was a trooper when it came to flying. My parents are too cheap to go non-stop, so we had a layover in Chicago. So, I entertained everyone in the waiting area by inspecting all the luggage. I had to make sure there was nothing dangerous in their carry-ons. When I was done, I sat with Daddy while he did his work. We worked together.

Cool Cousins

And I had a ton of fun hanging out with my cousins. They are so cool. Abrielle is the blond. Kylie is the one on her arms. Josiah, well, can you guess which one is the crazy boy of the family? And Elyssa is the one closest to my age. She is 1, and boy was it hard keeping my mommy's attention with that cutie around. I can't wait to see them again!

Me and Grandpa

I loved hanging out with Grandpa at the cabin. He can always make me smile. And he loves doing crazy things. See the one with the cheerios between my toes. We are so sneaky. Mommy was sitting right there and had no idea he was teaching me how to eat with my feet!