10 May 2008

Zoo Trip

Daddy and I took Mommy to the Zoo for Mother's day (she had been dropping hints about us doing something special for the past couple weeks, so I clued in Daddy to a bunch of ideas). Although the trip was for Mommy, I had an awesome time. I got to pet a donkey and a goat (which I wasn't too sure about). And we saw apes, and elephants, and my favorite, a zebra. I showed the Lion that I can roar just like him. And then I slept like a baby all the way home!


Anonymous said...

Good pictures, she looks like she broke her neck while she was sleeping. Thanks for the call. Glad you had a happy Mother's Day, you are one of the best mom's around. Love, Mom

Frankie, Marianna and Reyna said...

It looks ike you had fun, I bet Elmo had fun too.